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Quality Environment Health & Safety Manager

Photo of MartinaYour position?

I work as a Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager and is a member of the management team in the Tobo-factory in Sweden. Our department assignments are foremost: law and regulatory compliance and requirements of ISO 9001 & ISO14001. This involves risk assessments, exposure measurements, safety clothing and equipment, quality reporting and many types of audits.

What's the most innovative Munters product or initiatives that you are most proud of?

I am especially proud of the work behind making the Munters Strategy house into a vital part in our day-to-day business towards sustainable creation. 

Maybe you know the game “I pack my bag and take with me…” Tell me 3 things you pack from your daily life which you need or characterize you and tell me why it is important for you.

My bag always has room for colourful knitted woolen socks (from my grandmother), thermos with green tea and ear plugs. My socks give me warmth, cosiness and a piece of home wherever I am and my tea moments of inner enjoyment. Unwanted noise in moments of focus or relaxation makes me really appreciate my ear plugs. 

Tell me about a fun experience at Munters

My top experience at Munters is Beijing! During a seven month long quality project in the Beijing-factory in China I made some real life changing experiences both at work and my spare time. I found friendship, hospitality, sincerity and strong conviction of innovation. The green tea and spicy food such as hot pot are still my favourite and my cooking lessons in the Hutongs will always have a special place in my heart. Living and exploring Beijing, the Olympic Games, the Chinese gardens of Suzhou, hiking in the mountains, Chinese acrobatics, National Day at the Swedish embassy, visiting IKEA and all other memories will always be cherished.  

What challenges are you facing in your day-to-day job?
To find the balance between containment actions, feasible result and sustainable creation is always a challenge. We are never satisfied with a “good enough” solution and there is really always a better way ready to be implemented. It takes time to make real changes, especially when it comes to changing company culture and here relationships and commitment has a significant role.  

What would a perfect Sunday be like for you?
A long morning walk in nature before the children wakes up… a warm and sunny day full of laughter and joy…a cozy picnic trip…having dinner with the family in the garden…the children fall quickly to sleep and the night is still warm, bright and colorful.

What would your best career advice be for a new employee who is about to start a career with Munters?
Take all opportunities possible to meet colleagues around the Munters World. There is so much to learn and share at Munters, even after 20 years employment I am still surprised. 

What’s the best part of your job or working day
To be appreciated is real motivator to do a good job every day.

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