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mar 26


mar 26 11:30 - 20:30

Second annual Data Center Investment Conference & Expo (DICE) Northwest in Seattle!

Strong interconnectivity, mature infrastructure, a booming tech and cloud landscape, and new subsea cabling developments are what make the Pacific Northwest (PNW) a hotbed of data center activity. Technology and cloud industries make up 85% of Seattle’s data center tenants, notably hyperscalers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Formerly dubbed as “Jet City” due to its thriving aerospace economy, the metropolis is now nicknamed  “Cloud City” -- with a majority of the world’s firms relying on Seattle companies for cloud infrastructure.

  • Topics
  • 1. How will increased power density and cooling capacity impact site selection?
    2. As end-user demands shift, how will the growing use of outsourced IT services drive demand for off-premise data centers and onto the cloud?
    3. How will the Internet of Things and AI impact data center demand?
    4. With deployments becoming more dense and compact, what are hyperscalers and cloud providers doing to be more sustainable?
    5. What do the growth of micro data centers, 5G and Edge Computing innovations mean for today’s data center requirements?
    6. How are cloud computing platforms and hyperscalers expanding their footprint in the PNW?

    Why the PNW?
    Competitive Power Costs: The average power rate in 2018 was 5.2 cents/kWh, lower than other West Coast markets like Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. Furthermore, rates continue to decrease as M&A activity continues.

    Tax Incentives: Data centers are a major source of job creation in Washington and Oregon, both of which offer favorable tax breaks and other incentives for new developments.

    High Interconnectivity: As an established market, the region boasts top-notch power grids. Several utilities are already comfortable with working with data center operators. What’s more,

    new fiber optic subsea cables keep the PNW at the fore of the data center industry. These submarine cables enable stronger and faster access to burgeoning Asia-Pacific markets.

    Mild Climate: The cool and rainy weather in the PNW lends itself to months of abundant cooling for data center operators, thereby offsetting costs.

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