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Munters sponsored electric vehicles, TC-X and Silver Bullitt, competing again at Mantorp, Sweden, July 27-29

Hans-Henrik Thomsen, Area Sales Manager in Munters, and his cousin who together invented and built the TC-X electric car and Silver Bullitt electric bike will be competing again for new World Records for fastest acceleration at the upcoming Mantorp Drag Revival. If you will be in Sweden, come visit and cheer them on!

Munters is doing our part to promote electric vehicle technology by sponsoring Thomsen’s electric vehicle racing team. The team has worked closely with battery manufacturers using lithium cobalt battery technology to perfect the exact combination of power and speed needed for racing. They have been highly successful already with several world record times.

"In drag racing, it is all about being quick. We need enormous power for acceleration for just a few seconds" says Thomsen.

The July 2018 issue of the publication Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology has just run a Munters advertisement along with an article about their accomplishments, important to the advent of electric vehicle technology. Check out the article (pg. 178) and publication on-line here.

If you find yourself in Sweden on July 27-29, go check out their next race at Mantorp Park, the birthplace of drag racing. The Mantorp Drag Revival is a big event in the southern part of Sweden, just a few hours from Stockholm, Malmo or Gothenburg. With 230 drag racing teams competing, True Cousins have been invited to run in the show class (up to 4 runs per day, Friday, Saturday and Sunday). It will be exciting to see both TC-X and Silver Bullitt. TC-X has a great chance of setting a new World Record. It would be their first performance on a ¼ mile track. They must be quicker than 8.4 sec.  

True Cousins - Worlds quickest electric drag car and bike

Check out Munters website for more information about our low dew point solutions.

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