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Munters Connected Climate® for ComDry

The MCC ComDry is a gateway device that enables GSM based connection of the Munters ComDry desiccant dehumidifier.

The MCC connects the ComDry unit to a web based Cloud service (Munters Connected Climate®) and allows the user to do remote settings and analyze historic data from the ComDry unit.

With the Munters Connected Climate® service the user can receive alarms in real time over email or SMS and take immediate actions.

In the web based service the user can also optimize the operation of the unit with a power time schedule and it’s possible to change set points for achieving the perfect climate.

Features include:

  • Data logging
  • Remote control of the ComDry
  • Alarms to mail/SMS
  • Time scheduled operation
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Internal antenna
  • GPS positioning
  • Internal back-up battery
  • Internal SD card for data backup

 Connectivity overview.