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University builds battery research lab with Munters' -40 °C dew point solution

apr 27, 2021

Energy Materials Group at the University of Birmingham in the UK focuses on the development of rechargeable battery materials and manufacturing processes.

The aim is to build better batteries through research, which will contribute to sustainable economy and a carbon-neutral future through the electrification of the transport sector.

The research involves lithium ion, sodium ion and solid-state chemistries that are extremely sensitive to moisture.

Working with such reactive materials requires very dry climate conditions to prevent any damage or explosive reactions, and to ensure product quality.

The research team had previous experience with Munters’ low dew point facilities installed in various industrial and academic settings.

That’s why Munters was approached to design a bespoke turnkey battery dry room for battery research.

As principle contractor for this project, Munters was able to demonstrate its know-how and flexibility from concept to completion.

A turnkey project offers added value for Munters and provides a more comprehensive solution for the client. By acting as principle contractor, it was able to demonstrate its full capability and flexibility. With the added complexity of working in a listed building with special building regulations and with minimal disruption to university life, Munters provided further added value for the client.

The researchers at the University of Birmingham have many collaborations with large companies, especially in the automotive industry. The previous solution offered limited air throughput, flexibility and commercial appeal. With the newly installed climate solution from Munters, the University of Birmingham can offer scaled up research services that would otherwise have been limited.

With the new dry room climate solution, the room maintains a consistent -40°C dew point at a temperature of 20°C, with the capacity for approximately 6 people. The Munters system is high performing but still energy efficient, resulting in a cost-effective solution for the University of Birmingham’s battery research.

To learn more about our dry room solutions, click here.

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