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Market Trends

There are megatrends that drive and impact our market, demand for climate solutions and our strategic priorities. We see strong global drivers and trends that support the use of efficient climate solutions. We are well positioned to meet these trends and be part of the solution for a more sustainable world.


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Trend: Climate change

Climate change is a growing, global concern for politicians, businesses and consumers. We see that the EU’s Green Deal and the results of the COP26 conference are increasing the pressure on businesses to take action and reduce their climate impact. There is a growing trend among companies to take responsibility and ensure the sustainability of their entire value chain. For them, like us, more efficient use of the earth’s finite resources and a smaller climate impact are an important success factor. This is leading to growing global demand for sustainable and energy-efficient climate solutions that reduce our customers’ climate impact. 

How we are addressing the trend:

Our energy-efficient solutions help our customers reduce their environmental impact and ensure sustainable business. 


  • Our products can extend the service life of bridges, wind turbines and other infrastructure and thereby increase resource efficiency. 
  • Our solutions eliminate up to 95 percent of the harmful sulfur emitted from ships. 
    We facilitate a large share of the world’s production of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars by supplying ultra-dry air. We can also reduce electricity consumption in production to create more sustainable battery solutions. 


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Trend: Increased digitization

Growing data traffic, new cloud services and an ever-growing number of connected devices are driving growth in industries that are exposed to digitization. Digitization also opens the door to new ways to create value and interact with customers. One example is to offer connected service and support. 

How we are addressing the trend:

Our solutions that connect products and systems enable more data and control of the customer’s production environment and entire value chain. 


  • Digitization facilitates new systems of solutions with long-term potential to sell indoor climate as a service. 
  • High demand for cooling systems for data centers. Our data center solutions produce significant energy savings compared with traditional cooling. 
  • Our IoT solution links farms with food processers to optimize livestock farming and the logistics chain while minimizing resource consumption. 


population rec.jpeg

Trend: Population growth

The increased focus on climate change and resource shortages due to population growth around the world, as well as a growing urban middle-class that consumes more animal and vegetable-based protein, are driving demand for energy- and resource-efficient solutions. 

How we are addressing the trend:

We offer energy-efficient solutions that contribute to increased efficiency with higher production for customers and reduced carbon emissions. 


  • In livestock farming, the right indoor climate is important to the well-being of the animals and to optimize resource consumption as well as for the employees’ work environment and to increase productivity. 
  • Efficient refrigeration units in grocery stores reduce energy consumption by up to 40 percent. 
  • Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient air handling systems facilitate the manufacturing of powdered milk and pharmaceuticals. 


production rec.jpeg

Trend: Higher demands in production environments

There is an increased understanding of the impact of climate change on productivity and product quality. Specific types of production, such as production of lithium-ion batteries, require an extremely precise climate. Even stricter regulations and increased control traceability in livestock farming and food production are driving demand. 

How we are addressing the trend:

We offer a precise climate for customers, so that they can better control their production environment. 


  • Energy-efficient HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) solutions can meet the demand for higher energy efficiency in the food industry. 
  • Elimination of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the auto industry’s paint processes and semiconductor production. 
  • Connected products in agriculture ensure control and a safe, healthy climate in barns. 

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