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Munters Celdek evaporative cooling pad.jpg

Munters evaporative cooling pad. The industry’s first choice for evaporative coolers

giu 1, 2020

The evaporative cooling pad is one of Munters’ earliest inventions. It became a core climate control technology for the company in the 1950s.

The product has not only lasted for 60 years in a competitive market. It has also become the benchmark and template for all evaporative cooling pads in the industry. Today, it's the customer’s first choice for direct evaporate coolers.

Energy efficient cooling for today's industries

Evaporative cooling uses very little energy. It's thus ideal for applications that must reduce their energy consumption. Examples may be data centers, farms and greenhouses.

Munters’ evaporative cooling pad is sustainable and energy efficient. It only uses air and water to achieve the desired temperature. What happens is that when hot air hits the water-soaked pad, the result is cooler air.

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Munters CELdek evaporative cooling pad

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