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Munters is a global leader in energy efficient air treatment and climate solutions. 

Using innovative technologies, Munters creates the perfect climate for customers in a wide range of industries, the largest being the food, pharmaceutical and data center sectors. 

Dehumidifier for basements

Our authorized retailers and distributors will help you find right solution for your needs. Contact them for sales, installation and service. 

Energy Efficiency

Controlled, predictable and consistent humidity and temperature has immense commercial implications for our clients. From battery manufacturing plants to greenhouses, gas turbines and massive ships, we provide stable environments with a lower overall energy consumption. Extended life expectancy of infrastructure reduces both total cost of ownership for our clients as well as carbon footprint for the environment.

Innovative products

Munters offer a wide range of robust and quality desiccant dehumidifiers, humidifiers, evaporative coolers and climate systems for commercial and industrial use.

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