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Réchauffeurs / réchauffeurs d'air Direct

GA95t Hanging Air Heater

GA Générateurs d'air chaud suspendus

  • Performances thermiques de 100%
  • Réglage manuel de la puissance calorifique
  • Idéal pour chauffer de grands espaces
  • Installation aisée
  • Utilisation simple
  • Fonctionne au GPL
  • Double électrovanne sur l’alimentation en gaz
  • Interrupteur de sécurité contre la surchauffe

options de

  • Thermostat

Description du produit

The GA Air Heaters are designed for cost effective heating solutions in a wide variety of applications, including greenhouses, poultry houses and other livestock structures. All models function on the principle of direct fired gas heating. Hereby a powerful fan is used to force air through a combustion chamber where the burner is situated. As the air passes through the burner, all the heat released by the combustion process is transferred to the air stream. This gives the heater a 100% thermal efficiency. The heat output of the heater can be varied by the manual adjustment of a regulating valve. The available models are GA15, GA30, GA55, GA95 and GA95t. The GA heaters operate on Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), which is a very clean burning fuel. To ensure a long life span in humid environments, the GA heaters are manufactured in stainless steel with all electrical components contained inside an IP55 enclosure. For safety purposes the heaters are equipped with a double solenoid valve for closing and opening of the gas supply. Additionally the heaters are equipped with a safety pressure sensor that will cut the gas supply should an obstruction of the airflow occur. All models come fully assembled with an electric cord and gas connection pipe with a pressure regulator, ready for use. Optionally the heaters can be supplied with a mechanical or electronic thermostat.

  • Caractéristiques techniques
Caractéristiques techniques
Puissance calorifique 46 to 97 kW
Puissance calorifique 39,000 to 83,400 kcal/h
Consommation de propane 3.6 to 6.6 kg/h
Pression propane 2 bar
Débit 6,000 m3/h
Débit 3,560 cfm
Consommation électrique 600 W
Poids du générateur complet 32 kg

Nous sommes experts

Nous savons que nos produits. Nous dirigeons
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