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Ozone machines

  • Both generation and destruction of ozon in one machine
  • Quick and safe removal of odours
  • State-of-the-art controlling of turnaround time
  • Built-in ozon sensor
  • Low weight – 16 kg
  • User-friendly programming


Description du produit

DuoZone is a double-acting, portable and user-friendly ozone machine for quick and safe removal of odours indoor. DuoZone both generates and then destroys ozone, and this means that it is possible to use the treated rooms immediately after the treatment has finished.
Via the programmable control panel, data of the room size, turnarond time etc. are set, and a built-in ozone sensor ensures that the destruction cycle is continued beyond the chosen time, if needed. DuoZone uses a high air stream of 600 m3/h which reduces the need for ventilation during the process. DuoZone's light weight, design and construction in aluminium make it easy to transport and handle, and furthermore, the machine is easy to clean and maintain. In addition, it only takes up very little space during use and transport.
The application areas are many, such as the restoration industry, ozone rooms, in buildings after fire or water damages, hotel rooms, smoking rooms, vehicles etc.

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