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Prises d'Air / Entrées d'Air / prises d'inspiration murales

IW150 Air inlet

IW entrée d'air

  • Installation facile
  • Fabriqué en polystyrène blanc, durable et protégé contre rayons UV
  • Modèles différent avec profondeurs entre 150mm jusqu'à 350 mm
  • La porte principal est formé en deux pièces empêchant déformation
  • La porte principal est fourni avec un noyau isolé évitant condensation à l'intérieur
  • Integrated aluminium profiles in main door preventing warping
  • Adjustable flap allowing fine adjustment of air flow patterns
  • Integrated mesh in corrosion resistant polystyrene preventing wild animal entry

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  • Kit d'installation

Description du produit

IW air inlets are designed to be used as wall mounted air inlets in livestock structures. A critical time for ventilation of livestock structures is during cold periods, when it is necessary to ventilate the structures to supply fresh air to the animals without causing cold drafts over them, a process commonly known as minimum ventilation. The only way of performing minimum ventilation effectively is by directing the cold fresh air along the ceiling of the structure so that it can mix thoroughly with the hot air inside the structure before it descends into the occupied zone of the animals and replaces the stale air. Failure to perform minimum ventilation effectively could cause a build-up of noxious gases, such as ammonia or carbon dioxide, inside the structure; or, a fatal reduction in oxygen levels. Another problem commonly associated with ineffective minimum ventilation is cold air dropping onto the animals, causing wet litter and disturbing animal behaviour. The IW air inlets are designed to perform minimum´ventilation perfectly; maintaining a healthy environment for the animals without disrupting normal animal behaviour during warmer periods the emphasis of ventilation shifts towards heat removal and cooling of the animals. In such conditions the air entering the structure can be directed downwards towards the animals, allowing heat removal from the animals’ skins through a wind chill process. Once again the IW can be adjusted to ensure that the air reaches the animals.

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Caractéristiques techniques
Capacity @ -10Pa 1,320 m3/h
Capacity @ -20Pa 1,870 m3/h
Manuel (395,98 kb)

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