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The Next Chapter for Data Center Cooling

SyCool® ITC offers data centre owners and operators an energy efficient indirect cooling solution without the need for water!

Designed specifically for data centres and driven by industry demand, SyCool ITC (patent pending) uses the waste heat from the data centre and a combination of gravity and a syphon effect, to drive a refrigeration cycle capable of operating without pumps or compressors, providing remarkable levels of energy efficiency. Initially launched as a packaged Air Handling Unit (AHU) system, subsequent versions of SyCool will include “Split Systems”, such as above-aisle modules and perimeter CRAH units, providing scalable cooling for new build and retrofit applications. SyCool ITC eliminates the potential risk of contamination from air pollutants, as there is no outside air gaining access to the data hall.

The packaged AHU version of SyCool has been designed such that the units may be installed side-by-side with no space between, with all service access from the ends.  Positioning an uninterrupted bank of packaged SyCool units along the perimeter of a data hall will provide class-leading levels of cooling output per linear metre of outside wall.

With a nominal capacity of 250kW, the P250 packaged system will be the first pump-free system to market, offering a best-in-class dry cooling solution and boasting features such as HFO refrigerant-ready; oil-free, low pressure thermosyphon circuits; no moving parts; zero water consumption and significant energy savings compared to the most efficient pumped refrigerant systems currently available on the market.


Available now, the P250 packaged unit offers a range of flexible configurations, including perimeter mounted and rooftop.  
Features include:

  • Dry Cooling Solution
  • Best-in-class energy efficiency
  • Extensive passive mode providing compressor-free cooling across a wide range of temperatures
  • No service access required to the sides of packaged machines
  • Class-leading cooling performance per linear metre footprint
  • Optimised for container shipment
  • Available worldwide from Munters’ global manufacturing network 
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