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All-in-one solution - Helping poultry producers increase farm profitability

Heat Recovery Solution

With rising energy costs, and increasingly severe climate conditions, many poultry farmers are considering investing in heat exchangers as a way of cutting their bills. But lower energy bills aren’t the only benefit of heat exchanger solutions. This is really an all-in-one solution that helps you to ensure optimal conditions in farm facilities, while respecting the surrounding environment.

Air exchangers recycle the heat generated by poultry in the house to generate warmth, helping farmers to save on energy costs and reduce air quality issues.

The new Heat-X Rotate, gives poultry farmers perfect control of heat exchangers, creating the optimum climate while keeping heating costs low. It's time to change, turning to innovative and integrated solutions that support your business without impacting too much on costs. 

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Innovative Heat Recovery that helps poultry producers save money

The production potential of a chicken farm can only be fully achieved if ideal conditions in the indoor microclimates are met. This requires sufficiently energetic air ventilation systems.

At the same time, energy saving is one of the most urgent priorities for farmers, given rising energy prices and the significant share of the energy component in the cost of poultry products. 

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The main challenges for poultry producers

Reducing ventilation rates is a way to save energy, but the air quality inside the barn suffers. In addition, humidity levels rise and carbon dioxide levels,  ammonia contaminants, and dust levels increase.

This is not a healthy environment for animals or for people.

Instead, use ventilation heat recovery to recapture a portion of the heat from the barn exhaust air and use this heat to pre-warm the incoming fresh air entering the barn.

An increasing number of farms use ventilation heat recovery to reduce fuel bills while maintaining ventilation levels and high indoor air quality. Any barn requiring heat in the winter can benefit from a heat exchanger.

High humidity and dust in poultry barns have been challenges for heat exchangers in the past, requiring deep cleaning after use. But with Heat-X Rotate, the cleaning sections are much easier thanks to self-cleaning systems.

Who is already changing the way they farm?

Many farmers have already installed the Heat-X Rotate, and the benefits have been tangible right from the start. It has increased the profitability of the entire farm, while ensuring a healthy and comfortable environment for the animals, as well as protecting the surrounding environment (thanks to the reduction of CO2 due to heat energy savings).

“The first batch of chickens has now been in the barn, and they seem to be having a great time”

Hans Klemmensen –Operations Manager - KJ Klimateknik

Discover the success story of one of Denmark’s leading producers who decided to install a heat recovery system in his stables.


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