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Roberto Marengo

Roberto Marengo is Munters’ lean manufacturing manager in Italy. For him, sustainability is about how we manage the world’s valuable resources and he thinks we can all do better if we implement the principles of lean in our lives and at work.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is a passion of mine. I studied natural sciences and focused in particular on conservation of nature and its resources. I also have a diploma in permaculture design.

Sustainability to me means creating or improving processes to reduce our footprint when it comes to our planet’s precious resources, such as materials, energy and water.

How do you contribute to a more sustainable Munters?

By implementing lean! Lean originates from the Japanese shop floor and in particular Toyota. This way of working is a result of scarce resources and intense competition in Japan’s domestic car market. The situation forced Toyota to use resources more efficiently and eliminate wasteful, unproductive activities. So working with lean (creating value by reducing waste) creates a more sustainable Munters.

How do you contribute to a more sustainable world?

Sustainability for me is a way of living. I try to minimize the use of materials, energy and water by applying lean thinking at home.

For example, I use reusable bags, recycle the organic waste from my vegetable garden and collect rainwater to water the garden. I have also installed solar panels and a heat pump. 

Curious to find out how we work with sustainability? Read more here.

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