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Our Purpose

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Sustainable climate solutions

Our goal is to provide energy-efficient, safe and reliable climate solutions where control of moisture content and temperature in production are mission critical.

Munters helps leading companies around the world to maximize their opportunities while minimizing their global carbon emission footprint.



Critical to customers’ success

Munters’ customers operate in complex, demanding environments. We provide the right connected products and the solutions that are critical to our customers’ success.

We make sure that our customers’ industrial or agricultural applications are in line with production requirements while creating value and contributing to society at large.


Passion for Business, People and Innovation

With entrepreneurship in its DNA, dedicated talents and world-class customer service, Munters has earned its position as a global leader in climate solutions.

From developing the very first climate control system to revolutionising food storage and production, Munters has proven that with its employees’ passion for innovation, challenges can be met and overcome.

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