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Safe-Let1000 Inlet

Mechanical Actuated Wall Inlets

  • Minimal thermal losses and avoidance of condensate due to integrated flap
  • All round sealing for optimum closure
  • Spreads the temperature uniformly inside the building, as the minimum air rate can be geared solely to the requirements of the animals.


  • Lasikuituinen Sääsuoja

Tuotteen kuvaus

The Safe Let 1000 inlet is Ideal for larger airflow
requirements, such as Cage Free Layer
applications . The Safe Let 1000 is constructed
of a PVC frame and a well insulated durable
polyurethane rigid foam door. The inlet is
designed for minimal thermal loses and avoidance
of condensation build up. An integrated
airflow intake is engineered into the frame,
increasing the volume of air by 15%. There are
several accessories available, including weather
hood, light trap and bird guards.
One Option, Auto Open
Optional Weather Hood & Dark Out


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