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OBH Gruppen provides cooling with DesiCool™

OBH Gruppen A/S Denmark provides consulting services in engineering. Founded 40 years ago, OBH employs over 300 employees in 11 offices.

The modern headquarters of the group in Odense was expanded in 2009 and because the advice on environmentally friendly solutions is one of the main fields of the group, it was natural that this new building should be equipped with the latest and best technology in terms of energy saving and environmental protection .

OBH already knew alternative cooling techniques and decided to install a sustainable climate solution. The Munters DesiCool ™ system met these requirements perfectly! Since OBH also anxious to use solar energy in this example suitable for floor heating in the new expansion, a cooperation of Munters and Arcon Solvarme A / S (Denmark's largest manufacturer of solar collectors) offered the solution.

Munters' DesiCool ™ system, which controls both temperature and humidity in a single device, operates without coolants and compressors and can be operated as a district heating with waste heat or in the case of OBH 100% by energy from solar collectors.

On the roof of the building OBH 150 m² solar collectors were installed. The highly effective collectors ensure that the water for the operation of DesiCool ™ system is sufficiently heated. The DesiCool ™ system provides an air flow rate of up to 18.000m³ / h. On cool, sunny days of March, the collectors can easily heat the water to the required temperature of 55 ° C. On cold, cloudy winter days the temperature of the collector reaches about 35 ° C - enough to power the underfloor heating. The heated water is transported from the roof to the basement, where it is installed DesiCool ™ system. During the summer DesiCool ™ offers a pleasant and humidity controlled cooling of offices with a capacity of 130-140 kW. During the winter, the system operates as a system for recovering heat and heats the building at extremely low operating costs thanks to its simple but ingenious technique and the energy supply by solar cells.

OBH plans to thoroughly monitor the energy consumption of this new air treatment solution and compare it with the conventional AC solution, which is installed in the original part of the building. Despite the investment in solar panels, etc., the company expects the amortization of the entire system within 5 years.

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