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Cleaning the Air to Ultra-low emission levels

Huaneng Power International, Inc.(“HPI”)was established in 1994. HPI and its subsidiaries develop, construct, operate and manage large power plants throughout China. By the end of 2014, HPI’s controllable installed capacity were respectively 70,484 MW, making it one of the largest listed power producers in China. HPI owns power plants in 21 provinces in China and it wholly owns an operating power company in Singapore.

The mist eliminator solutions require customized design according to the actual installation conditions. The adaptation solves potential problems of overall collaboration among de-dusting equipment, absorption tower and mist elimination so as to reach the requirement of the ultra-clean emissions standards. Therefore, the application engineers of Munters spent more than a month in discussion with the related engineers of Huaneng Changxing Power Plant to determine the details of the installation before manufacturing.
This project is a great success for both companies and at the Huaneng Chanxing Power Plant the project managers are very satisfied with the product quality and the service provided by Munters.

Air pollution

The environmental protection is an urgent problem for China. In recent years it has become so severe that a special terminology “the Chinese haze” has been created to describe the air pollution. The main source of emissions is the coal-fired power plants releasing atmospheric pollutants into the air.

Munters’ high-efficient mist eliminator solution is applied in this project

This solution is based on the achievements of Munters’ research and development department in Germany. The demister adopts the 3-layer roof structure (DV210I & DV210III) to lower the layout height of the demister and to greatly improve the flexibility and stability in different working conditions.
The multi-stage solution delivered by Munters effectively eliminates mist to realize the content of surplus droplet in the outlet of 20 mg/Nm3 (based on impact method VDI 3679). It also achieves energy conservation and emission reduction which conforms to the environmental protection requirements.


  • Higher gas velocites
  • Decreased tower height and diameter
  • Higher separation performance
  • Less washing, no clogging
  • Munters Flue Gas Desulphurization systems are stable, flexible and customized to create the optimal solution for every condition.

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