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Laying hens

Increased egg revenue with more than 100 KEUR per year

Akıncı Tavukçuluk Ltd. Şti. was founded in 1998. The farmland occupies 56.000 m2 with 9 buildings having a total surface of 11.000 m2 closed area and one egg processing plant. Four houses have a capacity of 25.000 laying hens each, three of 90.000 laying hens each and two of 130.000 growing pullets. Akıncı Tavukçuluk supplies the feed from it's milling company; "Akıncı Yem San. Ltd. Şti." which was founded in 1989. This company has one of the biggest and most modern production plants with a capacity of 15 tons/hour. In 2006, the company succeeded to get the first governmental support to buy egg processing machines in Turkey, following up by a new air-conditioned truck fleet to improve the logistic network.

Improve production efficiency

Recently, Akıncı Tavukçuluk invested in two brand new layer houses close to the existing production facilities. State-of-the-art technology was specified as mandatory in an effort to improve production efficiency. Special attention was paid to climate control and air quality; a fully automated climate control system was requested to fulfil the ambitious requirements. Munters rose to the challenge and supplied a complete climate control package.

Installing a complete climate control package

Ten Euroemme® TU600 exhaust chimney fans are installed on the roof. The design of the discharge cone of the bottom conveyor as well as of the propeller allow to discharge more than 10.000m3/h with 20Pa pressure drop. Eighteen wall exhaust fans with discharge cone were installed. The wall exhaust fans guarantee an average airspeed of 2m/s in the house and 8m3/h airflow per bird helping to keep the best living conditions for the 100.000 hens. Four CELdek® 7090 and 15 pads walls, 2m high and 150mm thick are installed in the the tunnel house. The top quality of the materials and of the process used to manufacture the CELdek pads guarantee extremely high cooling efficiency as well as unbeatable long life span. 160 x Munters IW wall air inlets are installed to optimally distribute the fresh air in the layer house. They supply fresh air to the animals without causing cold drafts over them and avoiding any extra heating cost.

A farm premium climate control and a farm guard alarm unit are installed as well. The flagship in the Munters controller range provides fully automated control of any climate equipment on the house. 30 ventilation levels can be programmed for exceptionally accurate ventilation. The advanced alarm unit allows the monitoring of every alarm related to the climate control of the layer house. In case an alarm occurs the unit can send text message and warning phone calls via the GSM network as well as alarm message to remote PC.


  • Decreased feed consumption
  • Improved eggs uniformity
  • Increased eggs weight
  • Decreased energy consumption

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