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Munters preserves Denmarks national history

Located in Copenhagen, Denmark’s new State Archives are equipped with the latest technology to ensure optimum safety and storage climate for irreplaceable documents. The Danish State Archives consist of two large 15.5-meter-high buildings connected to DSB’s (Danish National Railroad) headquarters, with a 7m high building and a roof designed as a green park to the delight of area residents, office employees and guests from surrounding hotels. The two large brick buildings with runic letter decorations were designed with a high level of security, including fire alarms and surveillance, etc. The halls are divided into four separate archives, all equipped with 12.5-meter-high mobile shelf systems. The lower building holds specially classified material.

Preserving irreplaceable documents

The State Archives store 3.5 billion documents placed in 270,000 plastic trays in shelf rack systems that would be 370 kilometers long if they were placed next to each other.

An advanced barcode-controlled picking system ensures that the State Archives will be able to instantly locate and retrieve requested documents.

In order to safeguard the irreplaceable documents, very precise and reliable indoor climate control is necessary. By controlling the relative humidity in all 70,000m3 with Munters desiccant dehumidifiers, the Archives fully comply with guidelines from the Heritage Agency of Denmark and the new DS/ISO11799 standard for storage environment.

Seven Munters dehumidification systems are connected to the archive’s ventilation system and ensure that the relative humidity in the archives is kept within 30-50% RH all year round. (Max. accepted variation over a day is 3%).

The system works with full recirculation and fresh air intake of approximately 10% to keep pressure. The temperature in the archives is kept constant between 14-18°C.

300,000+ installations
The Danish State Archives is one of many examples where Munters desiccant systems are used to create the optimal climate without compromise.

Munters’ vast experience with over 300,000 installations worldwide speaks for itself. The Danish State Archives was the first PPP project in Denmark
(Public Private Partnering), where government and private companies have jointly initiated the building and after construction the goverment has signed a contract with a private firm for the next 30 years covering operation and maintenance, including Munters dehumidifying system.


  • Highly-efficient protection against humidity related damage
  • Constant relative humidity all year round
  • Comply with Heritage Agency of Denmark guidelines
  • Proven technique - more than 300.000 units installed worldwide

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