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Increased productivity in spray drying processes

Avoid seasonal fluctuations in operation of spray dryers.


In summer, when the moisture content of the ambient air is high, the operational conditions of the spray dryer are less favorable than in winter, when the ambient air contains little moisture. Using humid air in the spray drying process may cause product sticking inside the drying chamber resulting in dryer failure and plant downtime.
In a stable spray drying operation, the influence of weather fluctuations are eliminated allowing for high production capacity and a consistent, high quality powder. The end result is a more profitable spray drying operation.


With dehumidification, the air can be controlled at the same low moisture level year round. This ensures stable operational conditions with high production capacity throughout. Munters has developed a series of high-performance dehumidifiers making this possible. The Munters dehumidifier controls the moisture level of the dryer inlet air yielding the following benefits:
- Constant and high spray dryer capacity
- Constant and high powder quality and reduced plant downtimes
- Ability to run sticky products all year
- No process fluctuations related to weather changes
- Energy savings
- Air dehumidification to low levels without using chilled water


  • No pre-cooling
  • No air duct condensation
  • Elimination and prevention of micro-organism growth; improved hygiene
  • Seasonal weather variations no longer impact process
  • Increased drying/cooling capacity
  • Energy efficient
  • Reduced CO2 emission


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