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Munters Connected Climate® enables remote diagnosis and optimization of your process

Confremar Group has a 40 years’ experience in manufacturing, distributing and marketing frozen food products. The modern processing plant in Madrid - Spain, holds a 74.000 m3 of cold space divided in 22 cold rooms. Munters equipment helps Confremar to keep humidity under control in the cold stores to fight condensation and mold in a strictly controlled environment. With Munters Connected Climate® the dehumidifiers are under control from any location in the world and the condition of the cold store can be monitored in real time.

Munters has a long experience of dehumidification in cold stores. Introducing dry air to the loading docks of a cold room or a freezer will prevent moist air to enter the room and reduce the buildup of ice. This reduce the amount of maintenance the customer have to spend in the cold areas to remove ice from chillers and results in a safer working environment.

The facility management noticed alarms going off on one of the dehumidifiers and several stops due to overheating in the unit occurred. These problems were intermittent and it was very hard to determine what could be causing them.
As a part of this investigation, Munters Spain offered Confremar to be a part of the Munters Connected Climate® roll-out. The idea of having a remote tool and a direct contact to Munters Service was very appealing to the customer and well in line with the strive to have “peace of mind” for operations and facility management.

With the Munters Connected Climate® gateway installed in the unit and the online tool the data from the dehumidifier were analyzed from the Munters Headquarter in Sweden. The root cause of the intermittent overheating problems showed in the curves visualizing the last weeks of operation. Engineers in Sweden were able to give instructions to the local Munters Service technician in Madrid and prepare him for the most likely cause of the problem.
The problem was the aspiration of the dehumidifier and very simple to rectify once the problem was known. The technician could arrive to the site well prepared for the task and saved the customer a lot of time. No trouble shooting at site was necessary.
Once the inlet passage to the dehumidifier was cleared, the unit has worked as expected ever since.

Munters Connected Climate® is according to the customer a perfect example of how technology can contribute to a smoother, more efficient operation. The “peace of mind” concept is very important and having an experienced Munters Service technician on arm length despite the true distance rhymes well with the customer’s vision of the future facility management strategy.
In the long term data from dehumidifiers around the world will be a part of the collective application expertise of Munters and will assure optimal performance of dehumidification units.
A perfect service for the perfect climate.


  • Real time control of the climate
  • Trend logged data for analysis and optimization
  • Faster response service with sms/email alarms

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