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Smart solutions for cleaning air support European farmers

tammi 9, 2024

Starting January 2026, German farms housing chickens must install air filtering systems to comply with new regulations. With its range of air systems, Munters is prepared to assist farmers with what lies ahead.

Previously, European farms faced no restrictions on emitted air. However, new laws banning ammonia and fine dust emissions are prompting farms in several countries to adopt responsible practices.  

Munters Lavamatic solution, functioning like a giant washing machine for air, offers an environmentally friendly approach by neutralizing harmful substances. 

Roland Russo, Head of R&D at Munters Germany, explains how it works: “We take the airflow and wash it in a combination of water and sulfide acid. This neutralizes the polluted air.” 

“The system is fully automated” he adds. “No one has to do anything except replace the water after four to six weeks.” 

An easy-to-install system

Designed for ease, over 30 Lavamatic units are already earning positive feedback for their convenience and straightforward installation. The modular system allows customization based on farm needs, with low energy costs and high efficiency in cleaning up to 80% of ammonia and fine dust. 

“I would say it’s one of the most convenient systems out there,” says Carsten Landmann, Business Unit Manager and Managing Director at Munters Germany. “It’s both easy to use and install. All you need is a concrete platform and an access point to the building. The rest is delivered by us.” 

Beyond Lavamatic, products like Air Protect ensure high-quality air filtration before it enters the farm, maintaining optimal conditions for animals to avoid viruses from spreading and financial losses for the breeder. And the heat exchanger from Munters, the Heat-X Rotate, has an integrated filtration system, providing cleaner air inside the farmhouse. 

“We are a one-stop shop for farmers to help them fulfill air cleaning requirements in terms of exhaust, heating, and filtration,” concludes Landmann. 

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