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A center for retrofits sees the light of day

maalis 13, 2024

Based in the UK, Munters has set up a special center to help customers across Europe extend the lifetime of their products and make them more energy efficient by offering a range of retrofit solutions.

Munters has more than 100,000 units installed across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. The lifetime of a unit varies, but with the retrofit solutions, customers are not only getting more from their initial investment, but also supporting their sustainability efforts.

One of the solutions offered by Munters is the plug fan wall. This system replaces traditional single large fans run on motors with an electrically powered wall of fans. The result? A remarkable reduction in energy use, often exceeding 30%. This innovative upgrade is not limited to Munters' units alone; it can be applied to any air handling unit on a customer's premises. 

The plug fan wall has quickly gained traction in various sectors. As word-of-mouth endorsements have spread, it has found applications in diverse settings such as airports and pharmaceutical companies.  

“Given its universal compatibility, the potential impact of such a system is enormous,” says Alexandre Farah, Service Director EMEA at Munters. “To put it into perspective, it's essentially like multiplying the 100,000 units already installed in Europe by a factor of ten.” 

The enthusiasm for retrofit solutions like the plug fan wall can be attributed to the fact that many customers are increasingly motivated to reduce their energy use and demonstrate their commitment to being a responsible company to their stakeholders.

To aid this mission, Munters conducts energy audits that assess current energy usage, with a specific focus on air handling systems. These audits identify areas of improvement, such as leakages and poorly insulated ducts, paving the way for refurbishment and the implementation of more modern control systems. 

“What sets us apart is its comprehensive approach,” says David Bennett, Service Business Manager and responsible for the center at Munters. “We don't just sell products; we install whole systems. This hands-on approach ensures that customers receive a practical solution that they can use for budgetary planning.” 

To assist customers further, David and his team also actively support them in seeking grants and navigating the associated paperwork, facilitating the process of securing funding for upgrades that make them more energy efficient.  

“By helping our customers across Europe do this work, we are addressing their Scope 2 emissions and our Scope 3 emissions,” he says. 

For existing Munters customers, the company also offers several add-on features. The "purge" system, for instance, recycles reactivation heat and can be added to seven different models. Additionally, customers can upgrade their systems with the new climatix controller, offering enhanced control over units and improved functionality. 

What’s more, as a Munters customer, it’s also possible to switch from a gas to an electric heating source, something that was spurred by the conflict in Ukraine. This transition not only ensures a more reliable and sustainable energy supply but also underlines the company's commitment to being an adaptable and responsible provider. 

Alexandre Farah is positive about the market for retrofits, especially with the growing demands on companies to be seen as responsible players in their markets. "Our customers are under pressure to be more responsible and cut down on their energy usage, and we have the products to support them," he says.

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