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Munters supports world’s first cement carbon capture project

huhti 25, 2022

Munters is part of a ground-breaking project that will bring carbon capture to the cement manufacturing industry for the first time ever. The project involves Norcem AS's factory in Norway which produces 1.2 million tons of cement every year.

From housing to bridges, cement is an essential material in almost any construction project. But cement is made from limestone, which emits high levels of CO2 when broken down. And currently, there is no green substitute for limestone.

“If the cement industry was a country, it would have been the third largest emitter after China and the United States,” says Jing Jin, Vice President of Clean Technologies at Munters. “It’s therefore important that the industry find ways to become more sustainable.”

A solution that already exists and which has received more attention in recent years as climate change has accelerated is carbon capture.

What is carbon capture?

Carbon capture limits CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by capturing it and storing it safely, in, for example, underground geological formations.

The carbon capture project of which Munters is a part will capture 400,000 tons of CO2 per year –a 50% reduction in the cement plant’s yearly emissions. 

Jing says Munters was chosen for the project thanks to its many years of experience and expertise in this area.

“We are a leader in our field,” she says. “We can tailor our solutions to meet the needs of our customers and we are good at collaborating and co-developing with our partners.”

Munters will be working together with EPC partners and supply critical gas-liquid separation equipment.

To read more about the project and Munters’ technology, click here.

The project is also in line with Munters’ mission, For customer success and a healthier planet.

“We want to support industries that are hard to abate by offering our solution,” says Jing. “Our mission is to supply clean air to the world, and this project supports us in this endeavor.”

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