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Munters installs EV charging stations in the USA

tammi 5, 2021

Munters has installed charging stations for electric vehicles (EV) at its facility in Amesbury, USA. The initiative is part of the company's efforts to make the business more sustainable.

In December, Munters' sustainability team in Amesbury hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the facility's first electric car charging stations. The mayor of Amesbury City and other local officials were present at the ceremony and the event was witnessed by the local press.

“Congrats to the Amesbury Munters team for their hard work in bringing EV stations to fruition,” Nicole Zea, Director of Operations at Amesbury Munters, wrote on LinkedIn about the event. “Such a great accomplishment for the team and a bright spot amidst this pandemic.”

Klas Forsström, President and CEO at Munters, also commented on the news saying: “Step by step, we live up to our purpose - For customer success and a healthier planet. It is the many small but important steps that together make the giant leap.”

An employee-led initiative

A total of five dual-port charging stations have been installed with the capacity to serve 10 cars.

The project was initiated by Fred Byrd, an electrical assembler at Munters, and made possible thanks to an incentive program from the state of Massachusetts and National Grid, a multinational electricity and gas company with operations in the northeastern United States.

Munters hopes the new charging stations will encourage employees to buy electric cars and make it easier for those who already own one.

"If our EV stations were used by employees, eight hours a day, five days a week, we would save 350 tons of CO2," Alison McDougall, project manager and part of the sustainability team at Munters, told The Daily News of Newburyport. "Some of our employees have a commute of roughly an hour each day and they really don't have the option to use an EV because they can't get to and from work on a single charge. Now that we have the charging stations at work, it gives them much more flexibility. So, this is something that can make the world better but it also helps our employees."

Munters is Amesbury's largest employer with more than 400 people on its 16-hectare campus. The company serves the food and pharmaceutical industry with dehumidifiers, which are crucial equipment for creating the perfect dry air conditions during the production of food and medicine.

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