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Procurement goes digital

maalis 26, 2020

Flexibility and speed are two important components to drive a successful supply chain. At Munters, Procurement lives up to customers' expectations by using the latest digital tools.

Procurement is a relatively small team and in order to offer its customers the best service, it has partnered with a number of companies that are at the forefront in their field. Digital Procurement is one of them and enables Munters to negotiate digitally with its suppliers.

More value for less work

"Digital Procurement have enabled monumental cost savings, with few resources, no travel and very little interaction from my team," Stefan Måhl, VP Strategic Operations, said in a recent interview to Digital Innovation.

Procurement has also made improvements to its supply chain thanks to the automated solution vChain and web-based supplier portal, eSP. vChain allows Munters to track a shipment and optimize routes and freight, while eSP ensures that the right material arrives at the right place at the right time.

"eSP is automated and allows buyers to spend more time on value-added activities, eliminating waste and inefficiencies while maximizing our working capital," Ena Ryan, Director Sourcing Non-Product Related Materials and Services, told Digital Innovation.

Other digital solutions that support Procurement are video conferencing offered by Office Management and Munters' Enterprise Resource Planning system provided by IFS.

Focus on sustainability

Sustainability is a driving force behind all of these initiatives. "Every decision we make, we will be thinking about sustainability as part of our business," Måhl told Digital Innovation.

"More and more customers are seeking energy-efficient air treatment and climate solutions. As a consequence of this we have taken decisions to use trains as the preferred method of transportation when feasible. In addition, some factories are using green energy supply. "

Another important part of this work is Munters Code of Conduct for supplier and partners, which is based on the principles of the UN Global Compact. Each supplier must sign the code of conduct if they want to work with Munters.

Click here to read the entire interview in Digital Innovation

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