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More women and greener factories

huhti 30, 2020

Munters has an ambitious agenda for its sustainability work - an agenda that will affect all parts of its business.

David Cromwell leads Munters' sustainability work“When people hear the word sustainability, they think of climate change,” says David Cromwell, Vice President Global Quality/Safety, Strategic Operations at Munters. “To us, sustainability means everything from having a diverse workforce to conducting our business in an ethical way. In all, we focus on eight areas.”

Safety first

Providing a safe work environment is a top priority for Munters. The company has partnered with DuPont Sustainable Solutions to improve its safety record.

 “We have examples of really good safety work in the company, but we want to create a zero accident mindset everywhere,” says Cromwell.

Gender equality

Another priority for Munters is to increase the number of qualified women in the workplace to 30 per cent by 2025. And the work has paid off. Today, the proportion of women in the company is 21 per cent. In management, the figure is 25 per cent.

Code of conduct

Munters places high demand on itself and its suppliers to act ethically, honestly and in accordance with the law.

“By the end of the year, all suppliers must have signed our code of conduct, which ensures that they do not use child labor and buy materials from unsustainable sources,” says Cromwell. “If a supplier does not meet all the requirements, we will stop doing business with them.”

Green business

Resource and energy efficiency has been a focus for Munters’ product development since the company was founded in 1955. Today, this also includes how it conducts its business.

Today, one of 18 factories runs on 100 per cent clean energy. “We want to expand that to include all of our plants to use at least 50 per cent renewable energy by 2021*,” says Cromwell.

Other priorities include having a fleet of electrical vehicles, making renting electric cars or hybrids a must on business trips and transporting more goods by train.

“Sustainability is a big priority for us and many of our customers,” Cromwell adds. “We’re in a position now where we can only win in the long term by increasing our focus and efforts on becoming a truly sustainable company.”

Learn more about Munters' Sustainability Agenda and the eight areas here.

*The long-term incentive program (LTIP) target for 2022 is 60%.

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