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Munters Opens World-Class Training Center

kesä 10, 2016

Munters US Technical Training Center and Academy, located at Munters' Buena Vista, VA facility, provides high quality hands-on training for Service Engineers

Munters Corporation is a global leader and premium partner in energy efficient air treatment solutions with five US locations manufacturing industrial and commercial dehumidification systems, high temperature heat exchangers and evaporative cooling systems. 

In addition to manufacturing equipment, Munters has a dedicated US Service team comprised of 95+ direct employees of Munters. They are trained on Munters equipment by the company that designs and builds the systems enabling them to achieve the deepest understanding of equipment mechanics, componentry and Munters patented technologies.

“Up until today, hands-on equipment training for engineers was limited to the types and sizes of equipment that were being built on the production floor at the time and the duration of training depended on the equipment’s scheduled ship date,” commented John Williams, Service Engineering & Technical Manager. The Training Center will be the permanent home to several types of equipment manufactured in Munters plants throughout the US and Europe. Now training can take place when it is needed, for as long as needed in one location versus sending engineers to multiple locations to acquire training on products made at different plants. “This will enable us to provide a consistent, higher quality level of training, in an environment more conducive to learning, not to mention save time and reduce costs,” added Williams.

“The motivation behind the Training Center and Service Academy was for Munters to be the preferred service provider for Munters products. Customers have a choice of who they retain to service their equipment and they deserve to have world class engineers, expert on Munters products, maintain their systems and protect their investment” added Sebastien Leichtnam, Global Director of Service

Munters plans to hire 25 new engineers between 2016 and 2017 throughout the US. All of these new hires will attend training in Buena Vista and existing engineers will now be sent to the new facility to receive ongoing training, as well.

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