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AgHort of Munters China at CAHE 2015

touko 27, 2015

From May 18th to 22nd, the annual Carnival was held in Chongqing by China AgHort team. Visits and interest in the Munters booth at the13th China Animal Husbandry Expo was great. The wonderful and diversified events organized by AgHort China in that week also received a warm response.

China Animal Husbandry Expo

On May 18th, the 13th China Animal Husbandry Expo (“CAHE 2015”) was opened in Chongqing International Expo Center, China. AgHort China participated in the expo with its world leading climate control system solution. Munters well-designed booth, amongst other 1200 exhibitors, played host to more than 100,000 professional visitors. Kane Liu, Product Manager of AgHort China, explained,” CAHE provides a very important platform for us to accelerate exchanges and cooperation in animal husbandry industry in China. We attach great importance to it as always. Thanks to Headquarters’ strong support that we can deliver the visitors a unified image worldwide on booth design. “David Meng, Operation Manager MFE. Lei Guo, Purchase & Logistic Manager MFE and Nan Yang, Finance Controller MFE, visited CAHE as well, led by Bruce Liu, National Sales Manager Munters China. “Their understanding of the current situation of China animal husbandry industry and the business of AgHort China is deepened by this site visit. And the cooperation between the support departments and us sales team will definitely be enhanced.” explained Bruce.

Customer Appreciation Dinner

On May 18th, AgHort China, together with its partners, hosted an appreciation dinner to more than 150 distinguished guests from over 100 enterprises in pig industry, so as to pay tribute to loyal customers’ long-term support and trust. The relationship between Munters and customers was further enhanced along with the cheerful talk and fine drinks and cuisine. Bruce Liu, on behalf of Munters AgHort China, gave an introduction of the very new Munters Protect technology and Air Cleaner Concept which enables a more energy-efficient solution in air treatment, to domestic customers for the first time. His speech drew great attention and interest amongst the guests. Bruce concluded afterwards, “The response was so heated at the dinner that a key account in greenhouse expressed his intention to further strengthen cooperation with us on the spot. Besides, we initiated preliminary communication with many new customers brought along by our loyal customers. Many of them showed keen interest into Munters advanced technology.

Advance Seminar of Pig Farm’s Environmental Construction and Bio-safety Treatment

On May 19th, the advanced seminar of Pig Farm’s Environmental Construction and Bio-safety Treatment organized by China Animal Agriculture Association (“CAAA”) was lectured in Chongqing International Expo Center over the same period of CAHE 2015. Munters was invited to the seminar by the organizer as one of the keynote speakers to share its experience and high-tech to more than 100 industry experts including design supervisors and superintendents of pig farms and received much appreciation of its strong and solid knowledge hierarchy. During the one-hour speech, Mark Ji, Application Engineer of AgHort China, analyzed how Munters achieve high-efficient ventilation and energy conservation of pig farms by means of innovation in design, product and ventilation pattern. “Thanks to the excellent platform provided by China government and CAAA, it’s a great opportunity for us to discuss the development trend of animal husbandry with industry experts. I believe the experts are also impressed by the advanced environmental technology of Munters. We are confident that Munters will be treated as the first choice partner when they build a new pig farm or rebuild an old one.” concluded Mark Ji after the seminar.

All-dimensional Training

On May 21st, a full-day training was held open to the entire AgHort China sales and engineer team. Giacomo Bergui, Director Product Management of AgHort, Nan Yang, Kane Liu, Mark Ji, Han Yang, and Renhong Guan gave their speech successively from the point of view of product, finance, ventilation design, installation specification, etc.  The key points of these focused areas were imparted in a simple yet in-depths terms illustration and armed our sales and engineer teams with knowledge in an all-round way. Bruce concluded, “It is not only selling skills, but also a holistic view that sales people needs to improve on. If a sales person knows Munters segment strategy well enough and is familiar with product features and advantages, his communication and negotiation with customers will become smoother.

Team Building

The AgHort Carnival week ended with a fun team building. It is hard for the whole team to get together due to busy work and this presents a perfect opportunity for team members to hang out. The team of 18 went to visit Natural Bridge in Chongqing in spite of the rain. They enjoyed the beautiful scenery on the way and ended the outing with great joy and happiness. “I am located in Shanghai office and travel a lot every year thus I do not have a lot of chance to be with my team members face to face. This event not only tested our strong will by the heavy rain but also tightened up the relationship among us. “commented Mark Ji with appreciation.

In Brief, the Carnival enhanced the team cohesiveness of AgHort China internally and demonstrated the abundant strength of Munters in animal husbandry industry to new and old customers externally. The fantastic week of AgHort China improved its market competitiveness and lays a solid foundation for its sales growth!

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