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Smart Farming

Software solutions are crucial for Layer Hen operations, offering farmers the tools to enhance efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Our solutions can manage a wide range of tasks, including feed management, flock management and egg collection. In feed management, the software helps monitor feed intake, track feed usage, and analyze feed efficiency, leading to optimized feed usage and cost reduction. In flock management, our software solutions track flock performance, monitors disease, and manages the overall health and productivity of the flock.

Cloud-Based Poultry Climate Control

Get real-time control of layer hen house climate from any device. The cloud-based software includes TrioAir App and a personal Munters ID account for secure, optimized management of settings, profiles, and devices. Control ventilation by weight, humidity, CO2 and ammonia to maintain proper air quality.

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Real-time climate control

Monitoring, control, and data analysis all in one place helps to ensure that the indoor environment is kept at optimal levels for layer hen health and productivity.


Discover Trio Poultry

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