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Weight management

Predictive weight management for broiler chickens is an important aspect of maximizing meat production in indoor facilities. Proper weight management involves monitoring the birds' growth and weight gain, and making necessary adjustments to their feeding program to ensure that they reach their target weight efficiently. Maintaining a consistent and controlled weight gain is key to producing high-quality meat with minimal fat content.

The importance of feed conversion ratio

Managing the feed to weight conversion rate is essential for optimizing the profitability and sustainability of broiler chicken farms. A higher feed conversion ratio (FCR) indicates that more feed is required to produce a kilogram of body weight, increasing feed costs and reducing profit margins. A lower FCR, on the other hand, indicates better efficiency, reducing feed costs and improving overall farm productivity.


Achieving a lower FCR requires the right balance of nutrition, optimal feed conversion, and a comfortable indoor environment. Regular monitoring and management of the feed conversion rate can significantly impact the bottom line of broiler chicken farms.


Optimize feed conversion



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Accurately monitor poultry feed to weight ratio

Munters provides bird scales platforms scales designed to work in the rigorous conditions found in industrial chicken and turkey coops. The RBS scales come in a range of capacities and can be configured as floor or hanging scales.

Connect with Trio App for real-time monitoring and analysis to ensure you are getting the optimal feed to weight ratio.

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Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Broiler Chickens

Providing a well-balanced diet with the necessary nutrients is essential to support the growth and development of broiler chickens. It's also important to ensure that they have access to clean water at all times.


Ensure feed safety

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Effective weight management to reduce health risks

Weight management helps to reduce the risk of leg problems and other health issues in broiler chickens. In indoor facilities, digital tracking and monitoring can be used to accurately monitor and control weight gain, allowing you to make informed decisions to optimize your broiler chickens' growth and meat production.


By taking a comprehensive approach to weight management, farms can produce healthy, high-quality meat and maximize their return on investment.


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Precision environments creating optimal growth conditions

For broiler production, 24 hours is a big deal, with birds gaining on average 80-90 grams each day, reaching target weights in 38-42 days. In order to detect any health issues or system errors before long-term damage occurs, it's vital weights and other environmental parameters are closely monitored and understood. New sensor-scales can feed live, accurate weight recordings into a bespoke analytics platform.

The access to real-time data will allow producers, with help from their vet, to make the necessary changes within poultry sheds based on factors like temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, feed availability, and water intakes.

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Optimize bird growout and improve breed performance with Amino

Track every aspect of your bird growout operations seamlessly with Amino. Monitor weight gain, compare breed performance to standards, and easily track Feed Conversion (FCR) by house. Amino's powerful features, including built-in AI capabilities, enable you to calculate uniformity and accurately predict live haul catch schedules. Don't miss a single detail and optimize your bird growout operations with Amino from MTech Systems.

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