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Improve throughput with Munters optimized dehumidification solutions

Improve throughput with Munters optimized dehumidification solutions

Increase the throughput of your poultry production process by taking control of your climate with Munters dehumidification. Ensure food safety, reduce defrost cycles and eliminate maintenance delays, to process more high-quality poultry with Munters dehumidification.

Trust Munters optimized dehumidification solutions

  • Why dehumidification?

    Why dehumidification?

    Poultry processing requires large amounts of water for cleaning. Personnel must manually wipe, clean, and disinfect all impacted surfaces. Most moisture is removed, but some remains and condenses. Uncontrolled humidity compromises food and worker safety and can cause equipment malfunctions.

  • Defrost cycles slow production

    Defrost cycles slow production

    When ice forms on or near blast freezers, you have no choice but to shut down for a defrost cycle. Now, count the number of monthly defrost cycles, and imagine the impact on your throughput and profitability.

  • The cost of condensation

    The cost of condensation

    Water droplets hitting poultry can contaminate the product. But you can reduce condensation and maintain hygiene standards with customized dehumidification from Munters.

  • Why dry times are important

    Why dry times are important

    The time saved drying after each sanitation cycle is directly related to uptime. A Munters dehumidification system can save 1-2 hours in dry time per cycle. Imagine how much production time and labor you’ll save!

Want the full story about microbial growth?

Want to find out more about how Munters dehumidification solutions can help you reduce microbial growth in your poultry processing facility? Read the Munters white paper to get the full story.

Boost energy efficiency and capacity

Replace a low performing rotor for perfect climate control and less energy consumption. Munters’ Performance Check will determine how your desiccant rotor is performing. And our Service Team will use the Performance Report to advise on recommended actions.

We offer a wide range of retrofit and upgrade solutions to ensure that your equipment meets current and future requirements – higher capacity, less energy consumption and optimal performance.

Your perfect climate is our Service mission

With decades of experience leading the dehumidification industry, Munters knows what it takes to provide customers with the best possible service and solutions.

We’ll guide you through the entire lifecycle process, from choosing the best solution for your needs to helping you keep our premium equipment running at optimum levels with minimum energy consumption.

Industry-leading dehumidification solutions. Premium parts. Service for life.

Condensation control through dehumidification

“The Munters equipment allowed Claxton Poultry to operate without condensation-related NRs,” said John Seibel, complex manager at Claxton. “The USDA warning letter was lifted after 90 days of operation without receiving an NR (Non-Compliance Record).”

Pludis achieves germ rate stability

“Microbiologically, we can provide a more stable and hygienic production environment with Munters,” said a Pludis chicken processing plant employee, “which results in high quality chicken, with as little water absorption as possible.”

Want to increase uptime and efficiency in your poultry production?

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