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Sweeten up your Chocolate Production

Sweeten up your Chocolate Production

Are you looking for a way to ensure your chocolate production is safe and of the highest quality? Munters dehumidification system ensures the perfect climate for your production. Get the sweetest results with a Munters!

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The Munters Difference in chocolate manufacturing

Munters can help you improve, upgrade and expand your process with energy-efficient, sustainable dehumidification solutions proven to increase production, quality and lower energy costs.

Discover how the Munters Difference will benefit your chocolate business.

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Make better chocolate. And more of it.

Humidity in chocolate production can cause sugar and fat bloom, condensation, and mold. Quality and output are compromised, and the product must be discarded. An up-to-date and sustainable dehumidification system offers the ideal climate for chocolate production. Increase output AND boost product quality and safety with a dehumidifier from Munters. 

Reduce energy costs by up to 50%

Want to save energy and boost plant productivity? Do you use dehumidification systems across your entire production process?

Upgrade to a Munters desiccant dehumidification system today. Our systems feature a new heat source option that can help you cut energy operating costs by as much as 50%.

Controlled humidity keeps the chocolate fresh at the Chocolate Academy

The UAE's hot desert climate challenges businesses like The Chocolate Academy. The Academy encountered condensation in the cold storage room, meaning they no longer had sufficient storage for their products. 

Read more about how this humidity problem was solved! 


You can count on Munters

Munters has been a leading manufacturer of air treatment technology for more than sixty years. Our service team features a worldwide network of highly skilled engineers dedicated to helping customers optimise their dehumidification systems.

Munters Service program features planned maintenance checks proven to extend equipment life and eliminate failures before they occur. Performance is optimized, and continuous operations are ensured.

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