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Proven solutions for carbon capture

Proven solutions for carbon capture

Carbon capture limits the release of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by capturing and utilizing it, and then storing it safely. Mass Transfer and Mist Elimination technologies are critical parts of the carbon capture process for all industries. With decades of experience, skilled design and support staff, and satisfied customers throughout the world, you can count on Munters proven solutions to support your carbon capture project.

Clean technologies in carbon capture


The Munters difference in carbon capture

  • Clean technologies by Munters

    Clean technologies by Munters

    Clean technologies provide decades of experience in enhancing process productivity while lowering emissions, reducing carbon footprint, and delivering clean air to the world.

  • Mist Elimination

    Mist Elimination

    Munters Mist Eliminators help anywhere liquids and gases need to be separated. Power plants, marine, steel and further process industries all benefit from Munters industry-leading expertise.

  • Mass Transfer

    Mass Transfer

    Munters Mass Transfer products optimize pressure drop vs output, using the least amount of energy possible. Munters offers Mass Transfer technology for different unit operation processes in CCS applications.

  • Rely on Munters

    Rely on Munters

    Munters offers best-in-class expertise and equipment and will support you throughout your carbon capture project – from design to service.


Carbon capture at Norcem Brevik

Munters gas-liquid separation solutions are part of the carbon capture processes at Norcem Brevik, Norway. This ground-breaking project will bring carbon capture to cement manufacturing for the first time ever. It is estimated that 400,000 tons of CO2 will be captured per year, which will reduce the plant's emissions by 50% once the carbon capture and storage are fully running in 2024.

Trust Munters

Munters are Clean technology experts. Watch the video and our expert Markus Karbach will explain why Munters is the perfect partner for your carbon capture project.

With you all the way

With Munters as your partner, your Clean technologies equipment will receive the attention needed to reach its maximum life expectancy. We'll make sure your equipment is set up and functioning correctly, right from the start. We're with you all the way throughout each phase of your equipment's life cycle, Munters knowledge and expertise will insure optimal operation, minimum energy consumption, and extension of the life of your investment.

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