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GN heater in a broiler house

Start preparing for the cold season

In the past years, many countries from around the world have been creating the legislative framework to increase awareness regarding the use of energy, preservation of the environment and increase the safety of the heating systems in general. Growers know that animals and plants that are kept warm during the cold season perform better, producing enough to support the business in the most profitable way.

The key to meet all the demands is performing a proper maintenance before the cold arrives.  This ensures the equipment such as heatersfans, etc... are in their best shape, and can avoid wasting precious resources ensuring energy saving and reduced operating costs.

Proper maintenance for air heaters is a list of operations that should be performed at least once a year, ideally before the cold season: 

  • Proper inspection of the fuel supply system by qualified personnel, checking possible leaks and supply parameters (pressure, consistency, flow, etc…) and identifying components to be replaced, if needed.
  • Proper cleaning of the air heater, externally and internally, using compressed air and soft brushes

- For indirect fired air heaters, the combustion chamber and chimney flue system should be properly cleaned from soot

- The chimney flue system must be checked, performing also a verification of the draft/pressure

  • Proper inspection of the electrical and mechanical parts, assuring correct functioning and conditions. All parts that are aged or damaged, need to be replaced with original spare parts
  • Functional test of the air heaters, in order to verify that the starting and working cycles are performing correctly as stipulated in the instructions manuals
  • Verification of the combustion by-products, making sure that emissions are according to accurate levels. In case of deviation, a regulation of the burner parameters must be performed by qualified personnel
  • Functional test of the farm controller or room thermostat, safety devices assuring proper intervention when needed

Early maintenance preparation for cold weather is highly recommended for the benefit of both grower and the crop, both animal and plant. With proper maintenance results of:

  • Optimal fuel consumption without waste
  • Reduction in the CO2 and NOx emissions

  • Overall safety of the systems without failure, will contribute to a profitable, satisfactory cold weather season.

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