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Munters Air Cleaner for layers and broilers

In June 2013 Munters officially launched the Munters Air Cleaner for layers and broilers.

Globally the Munters Air Cleaner (MAC) is the only air cleaner which can be efficiently used in poultry houses. Air cleaners from competitors have filters which will quickly clog with dust, the MAC does not use these filters therefore eliminating the chance for dust blockage. 80-90 Percent Ammonia Reduction depending on the ammonia concentration in the exhausted air from the poultry house, the ammonia reduction through the air cleaner will be around 80-90 % on average during a year.

Up side - Down!

The MAC uses nearly the same principle as the well-known gas scrubber tower, which is currently widely used in the agriculture industry. The original version of the Munters Air Cleaner was a gas scrubber tower which worked well in the pig industry but not in the poultry industry. The air from chickens is much more dusty and greasier, and would take too long for the poultry producer to wash the top of the gas scrubber tower.

Munters R&D department turned the problem with clogged filters upside down! Or at least they tried to see it from a different angle.

Rather than a traditional vertical gas scrubber tower it was now rotated on its side. Furthermore, the droplet separators can be easily pulled out and accessed from the side.  By doing this it can now be cleaned with a traditional pressure washer from outside. It is no longer necessary to enter the air cleaner to clean filters. All in all, the air cleaner has improved the working environment for the farmer dramatically.

Ammonia cleaning process

1or 2 fans are located in the end of the air cleaner and pull air from the poultry house through the air cleaner. Inside the air cleaner the exhausted air will first pass a through a mist of acidified water droplets.  These droplets react with the ammonia and capture the ammonia from the air. Next the exhausted air passes through two sets of mist eliminators which capture the mist droplets. In the end the dirty exhaust air from the poultry house, travels through the MAC, and is emitted as cleaned air to the outside.

Munters has very good experience with mist eliminators from many different industries and has factories in Germany, which produce mist eliminators for the different industries including agriculture.

Keep it simple

Many people associate “simple” with “primitive”. But farmers prefer a simple robust production system with secure livestock buildings. For the farmers and Munters the name of the game is “Keep it simple” and “Simple makes reliable”.

 For the R&D department in Munters it has been a key target for a successful product, that it must be simple, easy to maintain, user friendly and reliable. The simpler the product is the better.


If you are a distributor and think “I sell full applications to farmers and I would maybe like to sell the air cleaner outside Denmark” do not hesitate to contact Merete Lyngbye in Munters for further information Merete Lyngbye.Then she can provide more information about the MAC and arrange a meeting with the local sales team in your area.
Read this article on Munters Air Cleaner that was published in International Poultry Production magazine.


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