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Hog Control Package

Today's swine farmer faces multiple challenges: on one hand, they need to produce high quality product while reducing capital expenditures. On the other hand, doing this requires the ability to be on top of the farm 24/7. Munters Hog Control Package provides an integrated solution, consisting of controller-based climate control plus a communication system keeping you and your team connected to your farm wherever you are.

The Hog Control Package includes:

  • A choice of controllers
  1. Element Controller, a cost-effective system providing top of the line ventilation and climate control
  2. Farm Premium P XL Controller, providing control over ventilation, climate, feed and water, air quality, and more. The Farm Premium P XL can be used to manage industrial farms.
  • Comm-Box and Farm Guard Communication system. Comm-Box supplies complete web access to your controllers from any device with access to the Cloud, including mobile devices. Installed as an add-on to the Farm Guard, the two units provide a complete service package: Farm Guard supplies its proven alarms & events functionality while Comm-Box enables remote monitoring & control via the Web & Cloud
  • RotemNet Web application is the software package enabling you to manage tablet, manage your entire network from a single computer, tablet, or smartphone

Element features:

  • Easy programming and use
  • Temperature, static pressure, and humidity control
  • Supports eight relays controlling variable fans, inlets, and curtains
  • Water and Feed auxiliary counter
  • USB data port

Farm Premium P XL features:

  • Supports a large number of analog and digital input/output devices
  • Controller supports up to 40 heavy duty relays (2HP); up to 80 when employing Extension units
  • Supports independent cooling systems, tunnel curtains, exhaust fans, tunnel fans and ventilation by weight
  • SD card

RotemNet Web Mobile Application:

  • Complete control over your farm via a mobile phone
  • Consistent look & feel with other Munters applications, including the PC & Tablet View & Platinum Touch
  • Supports push notifications
  • Single user can control multiple farms

PC Application:

  • Full control over your farms' controllers
  • Overview of your farm activities
  • User customized dashboard
  • Easy comparison of houses’ main performance parameters

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