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Genuine Munters Spare Parts

For over 60 years, Munters has worked passionately towards our main goal: providing the best solutions in order to ensure the perfect climate conditions for our customers.

Our focus has always been to continually redefine our offering with the aim of providing a more inclusive package for the customer. The ideal package will meet all the needs of air conditioning, while guaranteeing all our customers and distributors a quality service that aligns with the role played in the HVAC business by Munters.

In order to better support our customers, Munters introduced in February 2017 a new concept called the “kit’s policy”. The two most important benefits are:

  • A more simplified ordering process of spare parts
  • An increase in reliability during the shipment process

Starting off, the new kits include a bundle of codes for our “high-runner” components. These kits are available for a list of selected products that includes some of the main fans produced by Munters Italy (EM-, EMS-, EMX- and EMT- series).

Specifically, the pool of “high-runner” components includes: central pulleys, centrifugal systems, bearings, shutter blades, belts and other small plastic components (rods, plastic fork, etc.). Afterwards, the policy aims to include all other fan series before the end of this current year. All other spare parts are not affected by this switch and are available as usual by ordering old product codes.

The reasons behind these relevant changes are as follows:

  • To increase safety of deliveries and to reduce the risk of missing components
  • To provide service support to dealers
  • To simplify replacement orders by end users
  • To set a standard that will simplify the entire ordering process

Meanwhile, even if all Munters products are projected to last decades, our experts have prepared a recommended maintenance schedule, that can be managed in the easiest way by using the kits. This plan will ensure that all operations will run smoothly, providing a longer lifespan which in the long-run will allow for efficient and effective performance from day one of the installation.

For these new kits and spare parts of all our fans, a gross price is available by requesting it directly from Munters Italy as well as the updated transfer prices.

As this is just the beginning of a long journey, all interest and feedback is greatly appreciated and welcomed! For more details or if you have questions, kindly contact Andrea Amoretti at the following address: andrea.amoretti@munters.it

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