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Deshumidificadores / Unidades de tratamiento del aire completas

HCD-Plus Desiccant Dehumidifier

HCD Series

  • Weather-tight construction for indoor or outdoor use
  • Low profile cassette design
  • Quick access for easy maintenance
  • Easy duct connections
  • Modulating electric or steam reactivation
  • Multiple blower orientations
  • Built-in bypass option
  • Add-on post-/pre-air treatment options


  • Bypass
  • Kit de conexión del humidostato

Descripción del producto

The HCD product line provides the end user with the essential dehumidification function.  With the add-on modules, the HCD-Plus provides additional process air filtration, cooling, heating and mixing functions that many end users require.  The add-on modules integrate readily as "bolt-on" housings in line with the other process air components.  The arrangement is skid-mounted, providing the buyer with a single source, factory-assembled package.  It requires only utility hook-ups, chiller/boiler piping, ductwork connections and sensor/controller tie-ins on site.  If a more complete system offering is required, with condensing unit, piping, integrated controls or other features, consult Munters representatives or staff early in the specification and design process for assistance in the equipment selection.

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