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Equipos de recuperación de energía / Enfriadores para centros de procesamiento de datos

Oasis™ DCIE

Oasis® DCIE - Asia Pacific

  • pPUE less than 1.05
  • Fits to 40ft Shipping Container
  • Ideal for Asia Pacific Region
  • Zero air mixing
  • Modular design
  • Munters heat exchanger technology


Descripción del producto

Munters Oasis™ Optimum DCIE data centre cooling solution focuses on energy efficiency. The modular design allows owners and operators clear budget optimization at the outset of a new data center build and follows LEED design concepts.

High energy efficiency and sustainability mean lower capital expenditure in addition to significantly lower annual operating cost.

Backed by our experienced in-house data center teams, Munters has designed and built hundreds of cooling systems for collocation, government, education and commercial clientelle.

The heart of the Oasis™ Optimum DCIE cooling system is the Munters patented Evaporative Polymer Exchanger (EPX), which provides ultra-high efficiency cooling while using up to 75% less energy than traditional high efficiency systems.
In many cases the Oasis™ Optimum DCIE can meet all the cooling needs of a data center. The Oasis™ Optimum DCIE can help data centers reach pPUE values below 1.05 The system is scalable in increments of 200kW* and the modules can simply be added on as your data center grows. This flexible aspect makes for the best choice in providing supplemental cooling or replacement of less efficient equipment on existing data centers.

The Oasis™ Optimum DCIE is future-proof, and can easily accommodate advances in server technology and operating conditions.

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