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Weighing system for poultry

Farm Scales

  • Controla 1 o 2 unidades de pesaje
  • Hasta 500 días de recogida de datos
  • Resistente al agua y a la suciedad: protección contra la luz y la subida tensión eléctrica
  • Display de 5 dígitos y conexión USB para el PC
  • Curvas estándar o curvas propias del usuario (Sistema de pesaje para avicultura)
  • Precisión en el peso + - 0,2% (Sistema de pesaje para avicultura)
  • Muestra la desviación estándar de los incrementos diarios, etc. (Sistema de pesaje para avicultura)
  • Displays the standard deviation of daily increment etc. (Poultry weight system)


Descripción del producto

The weighing platform is placed on the slats or floor. Apart from the expected weight of the animals, curves for cocks and Hens are added. Because the computer knows the expected weight of the animals, the scale can calculate average weight of males / hens. The weighing is performed when one or more animals step onto the weighing platform. If two animals step on the weighing platform simultaneously, this will be considered as an incorrect weighing, but if there is an interval of 2-3 seconds between them, the weight measurements will be saved. The weight margin is set in the system parameter list as a percentage of the expected weight. The current average weight of hens and roosters can be seen in the parameter list, and can not be changed as these are automatically updated according to the user curve. In the parameter list one can choose between 3 standard curves. If these do not match the current needs of the user can embed curves.

Connected to RSC-2 for PC, you can sit at home or at the office and make the daily data collection.
To communicate via remote PC Munters FarnNet must be sed.

• Standard curves or the users own curves
• Can weigh up to 25 kg.
• Separate rooster/hen scale
• Precision per weighing + - 0,2%
• Data Summary up to one year back
• Battery backup
• Up to 50m (300 ft) cable
• Automatic update of average weight
• Displays the standard deviation of daily increment etc.

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