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Temperatura combinada y Control de la humedad / Munters climate control

Platinum Touch USA

Serie de controles para naves de producción animal

  • Serie versátil de sistemas de control
  • Reles y salidas de velocidad variable (Farm Hand)
  • Lectura y control de temperatura y humedad relativa (Farm Hand)
  • Ideal para controlar la ventilación (Farm Hand)
  • Solución económica como control del clima en pequeñas salas próximas unas a otras (Farm Master/Farm Center)
  • Interfaz desarrollada en FarmCenter
  • Función completa del sistema de control (Farm Master/Farm Center)
  • Control completo de muchas funciones en una sola estructura (FarmPro)


Descripción del producto

Featuring all the functionality of the current Platinum Controllers, the new screen provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that brings all the advantages of touch screens to your farm.
The Touch screen brings together mission critical data in one easy to read screen. Defining functions is done directly from a large screen designed for its ease of use. The sophisticated interface is intuitive, enabling a simplified set up. At the same time, the unit is built to work in the rigorous conditions found in barns.

The Platinum Touch comes in two models: (up to) 50 relays and a smaller unit supporting (up to) 30 relays. All functionality, including the screen size, is the same in both models.

The Platinum Touch includes important hardware upgrades and improvements. In addition, the Touch supports the Munters Drive Ventilation Fans, which features variable speeds, quality and reliability, low noise levels, minimum maintenance requirements, and offers up to a 40% reduction in electrical usage.

Software download

Platinum Touch Product Software

Platinum Touch User Interface Software

Note: Registered dealers only
FarmNet Communication Software

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