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Munters China goes on a search for water-based paint

ene. 27, 2021

Munters works continuously to make the business more environmentally friendly. But applying the same standards everywhere can sometimes be a challenge.

In 2019, Munters China decided to change from oil-based to water-based paint in its rotor production to meet Munters’ overall corporate standard. The goal: to minimize the environmental impact of Munters' production processes.

The problem, however, was that the water-based paint products that Munters uses in the rest of the world are not available in China. To solve the problem, a team of people from different departments was formed and the search for the best suppliers began.

Strict testing

To begin with, several Chinese suppliers were selected by the purchasing team in China. The suppliers' products were then thoroughly tested by the engineering and production teams in Beijing and Jiangyin. This included testing of strength, durability and drying time.

During the process, adjustments were made to the product formulation based on the test results. Different paint solutions were then tested repeatedly on different products. Finally, the test results were evaluated by a committee consisting of representatives from all departments.


Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team worked closely with various functions and managed to ensure the successful implementation of the tests while maintaining the safety of Munters personnel.

"The efforts of all functions show how committed we are to our purpose of contributing to a healthier planet," says Shan Zhang, Category Manager at Global Sourcing Munters China.

Finally, two suppliers passed all the tests and currently the water-based paint products are gradually being introduced at the Jiangyin facility in China.

"As a local influential foreign factory, Munters' Jiangyin facility always gives high priority to sustainable development methods such as energy saving and environmental protection," says David Meng, Vice President of Operations in China. “This is reflected in our efforts to replace the oil-based paint with water-based paint while maintaining the same quality of our products. I am convinced that Munters' actions will inspire other companies to pay more attention to sustainable development. "

Curious to find out how we work with sustainability? Read more here.

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