Product launch Platinum Pro

Product Launch: Platinium Pro

ago. 23, 2016

Munters is proud to announce the introduction of the Platinum Pro Controller.

Bringing with it all the functionality of the Farm Premium Controllers, the Platinum Pro Controller represents a major leap forward for the poultry, swine, and dairy industries. Significantly reducing the capital expenditures required for large operations, Platinum Pro enables you to extend your controller's ability to network with a large number of accessories and input/output devices, only one controller administers hundreds of input/output devices, sensors, scales, and more.

The Platinum Pro modularity and improved software means each installation can be tailored to specific requirements. Other features include:

  • Supports daisy chain and star configuration device architectures
  • Supports hundreds of analog and digital input/output devices
  • Access via the Web or Cloud
  • Business Intelligence provides data analysis 24/7
  • Up to 200 heavy duty relays (2 HP)
  • Program accessories directly from the Platinum Pro
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