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Visit from Munters management to

Munters South Africa.....Investing in the future

jun. 24, 2016

In a small town East of Johannesburg, Morgenzon Agricultural school houses about 300 children, from grade 1 to grade 12. With the key focus on Agriculture, and sustainable development in agriculture, this specific school is in the heartland of one of the biggest integrators and growers in South Africa, Astral, where they produce Broiler meat for a brand called Festive Chickens.

With various livestock disciplines being taught, Poultry was lacking in their curriculum.

The school approached Astral with a proposal to build a small fully functional broiler house, to produce 9000 broilers, and integrate themselves into a contractor's cycle in the area.

They needed funding and assistance, so 6 supplier companies got together and donated the best cutting edge technology being offered in a Broiler house, from Heating, Housing structures, Insulation, Drinker and Feeder and Ventilation and Climate Control Equipment .

The house is fully equipped with Munters Climate Control Systems:

IW inlets (with 24v emergency back up systems) EM 36 Min vent fans EC52 Tunnel Fans Rack n Pinion door opening and Misting Systems Munters Premium 20 relay controller with complete Farm Guard and 24hr monitoring via the GSM network and Intranet. Munters Interface Panel.

Sidewall inlet  Outside access on building side 

Galvanized box exhaust fans  Classroom inside building

Our thinking behind this initiative is that the houses in that area are predominantly Curtain Sided houses (with no climate control), and with introducing the Total Climate Control Solution at a young age, and understanding the benefits thereof, will go a long way of ensuring that Munters technology will filter into the future.

This also gave us the opportunity to show the Integrator Astral, the benefits and encourage them to close up their houses in the near future.

Munters South Africa, can and will showcase this as the "Munters School", and is allowed to conduct training seminars on site.

Once the farm is up and running (and in the production cycle) our technicians will visit this site from time to time, teaching the students the "right way...the Munters way", as this is a practical module to ensure they pass the year