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DICEWEST - Data Center Investment Conference & Expo West, San Jose

27 nov.

nov. 27 13:30 - 23:00

Join us for our second annual Data Center Investment Conference & Expo (DICE), West, discussing the Northern California data center market, and focusing on Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.

As Northern California is the second largest data center market in the U.S. and home to 120 data centers and 355 service providers, much opportunity remains in the Bay Area given its standing as the tech nexus of the country.

However, expensive costs for power and real estate continue to provide a steep barrier to entry in the region.

As a whole, last year alone, $20B was invested in North American data centers.

Private capital and institutional investors entering the space are becoming savvier in their investments - as established players continue to capitalize and expand.

With the industry continuing to move at a breakneck pace to match the increasing demand from users and industries across the country, 2018 is looking to be another record-setting year.

Topics To Include:

  • What major sectors will continue to drive demand in the Bay Area?
  • How will the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing impact data center demand?
  • What major M&A activity do players see on the horizon?
  • How are data center strategies changing as end user demand begins to shift? Will the blurring of business models - from wholesale data centers to retail colo continue?

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from & network with the leading owners, developers, investors, end users, and major players in the data center space.

Featured Product Button.png

NEW - SyCool ITC offers data center owners and operators an energy efficient indirect cooling solution without the need for water.

Designed specifically for data centres and driven by industry demand, SyCool ITC (patent pending) uses the waste heat from the data centre and a combination of gravity and a syphon effect, to drive a refrigeration cycle capable of operating without pumps or compressors, providing remarkable levels of energy efficiency.

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