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Munters fan upgrade options lead to huge energy savings.

Fan motor upgrade saves min. 30% energy

With the constant focus on energy prices and carbon footprint we are happy to offer a range of fan and motor upgrade options of older, still fully functioning equipment.


Process fan upgrade

Upgrade of MX process fan motor

The process fans on older Munters MX dehumidifiers are operating with AC induction motors. By upgrading these to modern and much more energy efficient EC (Electronic Commutator)fans, you will be granted energy savings at 50% or more. 

Energy savings beyond 50%

The EC (Electronic Commutator) fan is a permanent magnet motor that has an electronically controlled stator field, compared with the voltage induced stator field of an AC induction motor.

The EC motor allows proportional control over a 0-100% range with no induction present. This can be via a pressure transducer or manual potentiometer control, either 0-10vdc or 4-20mA. Replacing the old and original fan with a 3kW motor for an EC fan upgrade, British Sugar is offered the same air volume and static pressure with only 1.6kW power consumption.


  • Energy consumption reduced by 50%
  • Return on investment (ROI) of less than 2 years
  • Green Tech energy efficient fan motor 
  • Flexible fan motor design allows for horizontal or vertical discharge


Process Fan Upgrade at British Sugar

At British Sugar plant in Cantly, UK, Munters successfully upgraded an MXT 2800 to be followed by 6 others.

ROI less than 2 years
At British Sugar, Cantley, UK, 7 Munters dehumidifiers type MX and MXT are in operation, and the fan upgrade of one dehumidifier type MXT2800 was selected as a pilot project. The dehumidifiers at British Sugar are in operation 8,500 hours per year.

Based on a price for electricity of 8.5p per kWH, the ROI (return of investment) is less than 2 years, including all costs for parts and labour. The upgrading involves removal of original square box design fan, ductwork modification, mounting of EC fan assembly, modification of the originalprocess fan switchgear, removal of a process fan contactor and fitting of a potentiometer. Depending on the accessibility of the dehumidifier, the upgrade process amounts to approximately one day of labour.

The success of this pilot project will be followed up by upgrading the other 6 Munters dehumidifiers in operation at British Sugar in Cantley.

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Download MX EC fan product sheet (PDF)


MX with the new fan

MX with the old fan



Plug fan upgrade

Upgrade of belt driven process fans and motors cut energy consumption by 30%.

Due to advances in fan and motor technology, it can be beneficial to update the original belt driven process fans and motors in older dehumidifiers with newer and more energy efficient direct drive plug fans fitted with IE3/EC motors.

In general the conversion from belt driven fans to direct drive plug fans reduces the energy consumption by 30% and Munters Service offers these upgrades not only on older Munters’ MDS and MDU dehumidification but also on non-Munters conventional air handling units. 

Comparison of fan efficiency

Belt driven fan (red chart) :

High number of loss factors greatly reduces efficiency

Direct drive plug fan (green chart)


  • Fewer loss factors= higher efficiency
  • Direct drive (no belts/pulleys)
  • More efficient impeller design
  • More efficient motor class


Plug Fan Upgrade at Nissan

At Nissan’s Sunderland plant in the UK, Munters has updated three older and still smoothly running MDU dehumidifiers.

The existing Munters systems were originally fitted with belt driven fans driven by 15kW motors, and because of the efficiencies gained by direct drive plug fans it was possible to replace one 15kW motor with two 5,5kW plug fans for each system.

In total Munters will save the client 47% of the fans running costs on the three dehumidification systems. 
 In addition there will be less maintenance to be done, as there are no belts and pulleys to change and service.

Phil Laing at Nissan

“With the update we are increasing the capacity of the units for the same amount of energy used. It offers us more redundancy and gained resilience”.

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Plug Fan Upgrade at Nissan UK