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Zeolite Rotor with Thermal Oxidizer

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Product description

Munters Zeolite Rotor Concentrator is fully integrated with a recuperative thermal oxidizer for VOC destruction. Solvent laden air is drawn through the Zeolite Rotor Concentrator where the VOCs are removed by adsorption. The rotor turns continuously transporting VOC laden Zeolite into an isolated regeneration zone where heated air is used to desorb the VOCs. The desorbate, a highly concentrated airstream typically 5-10% of the original exhaust volume, is directed to a thermal oxidizer equipped with heat exchangers. The primary heat exchanger is used to preheat the process air prior to combustion. The secondary heat exchanger is used to heat a slip stream of the process air that is used to regenerate the Zeolite rotor.    
This equipment configuration can be used to treat any low VOC concentration exhaust air stream. The system is designed for 24/7 continuous operation and can be equipped with a variety of equipment options.
• Pre-filters are used to treat paint particulate
• Redundant process fans are used with VFD's for pressure control
• System bypass can be integrated to ensure 24/7 fab exhaust
PLC, and Man-Machine Interface all located in a main enclosure and designed for ease of use.
The system is fully assembled and tested to temperature in our ISO 9001 facility prior to shipment.  This allows for easy installation and startup once onsite. 

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