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VariMax™ IFRG (Indirect-Fired Recirculating Gas) Heaters

VariMax™ IFRG (Indirect-Fired Recirculating Gas) Heaters

  • Standard sizes up to 25,000 MBH
  • Custom sizes to 35,000 MBH and larger
  • Up to 95% energy efficient. Indirect gas heating is 10% more energy efficient than steam.
  • Up to 1000°F temperature rise
  • Up to 1200°F discharge temperature
  • Up to 40:1 turndown ratio
  • Complete packaged system
  • Optional low NOx system (less than 5 ppm)


Product description

VariMax™ IFRG combines Des Champs Products heat-exchanger design with indirect heating technologies to deliver contaminant-free process air with very high efficiency. Recirculation of the combustion gases allows the heater to attain an efficiency of 90%, 1,000°F (555°C) temperature rise, 1,200°F (649°C)  discharge temperature, and a 40:1 turndown.

VariMax™ IFRG (Indirect-Fired Recirculating Gas) Heaters in use

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